For Adult & Child Day Service Centers

All-in-One Participant Sign In and Staff Scheduling Solution

Replace your manual sign-in logbook with a self-service digital entry management system that also feeds your billing and reporting software. In addition, Accushield also provides a robust staff scheduling and shift fulfillment solution.

“Times are not easy and being able to provide this additional feeling of safety to our residents and staff has been immeasurable. From the initial sales process to their online led training, the Accushield team has been very flexible and generous with their time, and as a result, made this transition a smooth one.”
Kylie Kidd
Director of Financial Services, Century Park Associates

Automated Digital Sign In

  • Participant Sign In: Automate how participants sign in for services, track services provided to them, and facilitate billing by ensuring that they cannot complete the sign-in process unless their account/billing information is complete.
  • Track Hours: Track hours and care provided to participants, both by onsite staff and outside caregivers/contractors signing in to care for participants.
  • Identification: Ensure all outside contractors are properly identified, that they are accurately billed, and have the ability to track specific care provided to specific participants for both billing purposes and care plan documentation.

Simplified Sign In with QR Code

  • Create a participant account and assign a QR code to that participant, which can be printed by the facility on a badge or lanyard for easy sign in at the kiosk (or can be scanned at the kiosk by a guardian or staff member).
  • Ensure an accurate sign-in process, and that no sign in is completed if required account information is missing or incomplete.

Dashboard Management

The Accushield Dashboard is the nucleus of front desk operations in your center. It is equipped with robust features that allow you to swiftly access reports, data, documents, analytics, and all the information you need to manage visitor entry, security and compliance. From sign ins to document verification, the Accushield Dashboard streamlines operations for front desk efficiency.

  • Automate the sign-in process for staff, registered participants, and walk-ins, including the collection and approval of required account info (billing address, insurance info, email address/phone number, etc.)
  • Elect to halt participants from signing in for services if their account records are complete and/or notify facility staff via text or email alert if a participant with an incomplete account signs in
  • Manage walk-in participants by alerting staff that a new participant (without an account) is signing in; customize how you allow new participants to create an account and what information is required
  • Automate daily participant reports to integrate with your transportation scheduling
  • Auto-populate billing and reporting software detailing participant name, date and time of sign in/out, and services provided
  • Track time and attendance of both staff and outside caregivers; use our scheduling solution to automate shift fulfillment the most economical way with existing staff or outside contractors
  • Recruit new staff through inquiring about the availability of outside caregivers/contractors when they sign in

Participant, Staff, and Visitor Evacuation Made Simple

Knowing who is in your center during an evacuation is critical! The Accushield kiosk gives center management a quick and easy way to account for all onsite participants, staff, and visitors.

  • Print a full evacuation list from the kiosk name badge printer in seconds
  • See everyone in your building from your mobile phone
  • Send mass text messages to all visitors, participants, and staff in the center
  • Instantly call a visitor, staff member, or participant in the community that is unaccounted for

“Accushield has become an important tool in our communities. Overall, it has increased the mindfulness of who is visiting our communities daily which in turn increases the safety and security of our residents and staff. The electronic sign-in ability allows us to differentiate the family members from the general public from the various vendors who provide service to us. Every person who enters a UMC community must sign in and is then provided an identification badge for the day. The Accushield reports provide quality data regarding our visitors that helps strengthen our care and services to our residents. Finally, the community leadership does not have to store multiple sign-in journals as Accushield stores that data within their software.”
Larry Carlson
CEO, United Methodist Communities

Scheduling & Shift Fulfillment

Our workforce scheduling system will equip adult and child day service centers with a full suite of scheduling capabilities, including:

  • Automated callout to instantly broadcast open shifts to available staff in real-time
  • Provide workers with access to a mobile app to centralize all shift information and empower staff to accept new shifts
  • Team communications to centralize all announcements and messaging
  • End-to-end scheduling to create, manage, and monitor complex schedules
  • Agency integration to access a wider pool of available qualified staff

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Client Testimonials

Accushield’s entry management system was designed for Senior Living and Nursing Homes by operators with decades of industry experience.

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