Build Trust & Boost Your Google Reviews

Imagine turning every visitor into an online billboard.

Accushield’s Reputation Accelerator™ can do precisely that. Did you know that Google reviews are currently the leading deciding factors for an individual choosing a business or service? What if you could harness the power of this tool to create a virtual window into your operations, for new residents and their families? 

The Accushield kiosk can be configured to prompt all visitors to leave a Google review, or take a custom survey upon their exit, which helps enhance a community’s online reputation and ultimately drives more organic leads.

Remember, a review has the power to influence important decisions. Let yours shine through.

Reputation Accelerator™

FACT: Seventy-four percent of our customer’s Google reviews come from Reputation Accelerator™ making this feature their primary source of Google reviews. These reviews come from the “silent majority” of visitors who are happy with the community experience but may not have left a review until we prompted them (and then gently prompted them again. :))

Supercharge your Google reviews with these 5 tips

“Remember, you miss every shot you don’t take.”


Share the value of a review

Reempathize the value of a review on your Google review business page. Share with visitors the importance of social proof and the positive benefits it can have on you business.


Ask at the perfect time

The timing of a Google review request is of the utmost importance. Studies show between 1-2 hours after leaving a business is the best time to request a review.


Consistent automation

An organized and consistent approach to requesting reviews increases the likelihood that a visitor will leave a well-thought-out review. We are all busy – use software to automate this visitor outreach process.



Follow up at least twice with visitors to solidify the importance of leaving a review. Don’t be disappointed if the visitor forgets to leave a review the first time asked. The second and third times may be the charm! Keep trying!


Don't fear bad reviews

According to shopping decisions research, businesses that ask for reviews receive 4.34 stars out of 5 vs. only 3.89 for unprompted reviews. Bottom line – keep asking for reviews – it makes all the difference!

Stats from customers using Accushield Reputation Accelerator™:

  • 74% of all Google reviews that our customers have received in the past month can be attributed to Reputation Accelerator™
  • Reputation Accelerator™ is responsible for generating an average of 7.1 Google reviews per customer in the past month
  • The average rating on Google for those reviews is 4.6
  • Over 90% of all ratings are positive

Accushield Reputation Accelerator™ Features

Visitor Sign Out + Google Reviews

The Accushield visitor management kiosk can be used to automatically prompt visitors to leave a Google review as they sign out. If the visitor forgets to sign out, the software can automatically send a text message a few hours after sign in asking for the individual to leave a Google review.

New 5-Star Rankings

You can now configure a set of standard categories that include Overall Satisfaction, Safety, Cleanliness, and Friendliness. Alternatively, you can add up to 3 customizable categories and request visitors to rate your facility based on the categories you have selected.

Text & Email Distribution

Increase your Google ranking, gain Google reviews, and improve your Google search results by requesting social feedback from your visitor, third-party caregivers, vendors, and staff every time they sign out on the kiosk.

Supercharge Organic Reach

Send visitors to your Google business page at sign out. Google uses the total number of Google reviews you have as well as your overall rating as ranking signals, meaning your Google reviews directly affect who finds your place of business.

Feedback Text Notifications

Instantly engage visitors upon sign out by sending them a text message directing them to your Google business page, Facebook page, social media page, or a custom survey link. Google reviews establish credibility and instill social confidence with your families and prospects.

Increase Customer Confidence

Access real-time reporting metrics on all visitors, third-party caregivers, vendors, and staff, allowing management to analyze all feedback and evaluate trends. Managers can use the dashboard to collect more insightful data to evaluate internal operations, performance and address any improvements to their operations.

Reputation Accelerator™ (increase Google reviews)

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