A Message From Our Accushield Founder, Charles Mann

In 1988, my late father built his first (25 suite) Assisted Living Community, then called Personal Care Home Community, in Atlanta, Georgia. As the son of a senior housing developer, I was a participant in dinner table conversations that covered all things “senior housing.” One of the consistent and important family topics involved the safety and security of the residents/staff that live and work in his communities. Safety, security, and visitor management were non-negotiable for my father then and remain that way across the industry today.

In 2011, I made a move back into the family business, where I served as the Executive Director in our flagship Assisted Living community in Atlanta, GA. It was my time as an ED (Executive Director) when the Accushield idea took form. As the ED, I was responsible for the day-to-day operations in the community. I directly managed staff, ranging from administrative staff and housekeeping to kitchen staff, CNAs, nurses, ground staff, and many others. In addition, the ED is responsible for providing watchful oversight of residents/staff while providing the safest and most secure environment possible. At the time, the safety, security, watchful oversight, and visitor awareness needed improvement. To provide the safest environment possible, I needed to know who was in the community. At that time, the only tool I had was an old-fashioned paper sign-in book. From that moment on, I set out to replace the manual paper sign-in process with a digital tablet-based sign-in solution in all healthcare environments.

Fast forward two years, and in 2013, I left the family business and officially founded Accushield with Allen Barnes. By definition, the Accushield solution is a tablet-based kiosk that replaces the manual paper logbooks with a streamlined sign-in and health screening process for all visitors, staff, third-party caregivers, and residents who enter and exit the building.

Over the last nine years, our goal has remained the same – to help Senior Living, Skilled Nursing, and Acute Care Healthcare facility operators create a safer environment by providing a digital way to always know who is in the building.

Whether you are a community owner, executive director, administrator, resident, third-party caregiver, vendor, or a family member, we hope that you will reach out to us to explore how the Accushield system can benefit you and the residents you serve. All of us at Accushield look forward to working with you to create the safest possible environment for the wonderful seniors who grace our lives.


Charles Mann, Accushield Founder, and CSO

Atlanta, Georgia

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