Visitor & Entry Management

Peace of Mind Is Knowing Who's Onsite

When it comes to ensuring the security of residents, staff, and the entire building, it’s important to recognize that your front desk serves as the first line of defense. Given the vulnerability of the residents we care for, safety and security always take precedence in healthcare settings. This is why Accushield’s visitor management solution is crucial—it ensures the safeguarding of both your staff and residents, enabling you to greet visitors of all types with unwavering confidence.

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Ensuring the safety and security of our residents remains the top priority for adult children, and communicating this commitment begins at the front desk.

Our belief is that a clean, tech-forward front desk goes beyond just impressing guests – it reflects our commitment to prioritizing and strengthening visitor security.”

Keven Bennema
Founder & CEO – Charter Senior Living

Your Guest Experience is About to Get a Whole Lot Cleaner

A seamless sign-in process for all adult children, prospects, and guests helps drive a good impression.

  • First Class: Give your concierge the tools needed to greet all visitors by their name along with information regarding resident whereabouts.
  • Speed: Impress your visitors with a modern visitor management sign-in and identification process that is cleaner and light-years faster than pen and paper.
  • Security: Show your visitors how important resident security is to your brand. FACT: Safety and security remain the #1 reason residents move into long-term care communities.
  • Brand Confidence: Provide an intentional and proactive way for visitors to leave feedback.
  • Infection Control: Convey the importance of proper infection prevention and control.

Third-Party Resident Care Coordination. Simplified

The Accushield Care Report assists Senior Living and Skilled Nursing operators in supervising third-party care activities within healthcare settings. We’ve tackled the challenge of handling third-party caregiver data, ensuring operators can maintain precise resident care plans. Through our kiosk-based system, you can integrate third-party caregiver data with resident-focused metrics, gaining valuable insights into resident third-party care and communities. Management can effortlessly access information such as the count of residents under Hospice order, confirmation of Home Health provider visits, and details about the services provided.

Track, analyze and report on the third-party healthcare providers who provide hands-on care to residents and patients.

  • Private Duty Home Care: Track which residents home care providers are working for and keep tabs on their whereabouts within your community.
  • Staffing Agencies: Have access to staff agency clock-in and clock-out times using the Accushield kiosk.
  • Home Health Providers: Capture necessary clinical information and services rendered from home health providers as they enter and exit your building.
  • Hospice Providers: Easily track the services provided to your residents and patients from hospice providers.
  • Self-employed Private Caregivers: Verify, track, and credential your self-employed private-duty aides as they provide non-medical services to your residents.

Rapid Sign In with Permanent QR Codes

Efficiency is key when signing in and out of your building. Permanent QR codes streamline the sign-in process and enable a fast, secure, and simple check-in experience. A permanent QR codes can be generated for frequent visitors and printed permanent badges. Simply scan the QR code at a kiosk scanner to instantly sign in or out of the building. Permanent QR codes help ensure the right person is signing in under the right account, improving data accuracy and efficiency at your community.

Driver's License Sign In for Visitors & Vendors

Streamline the sign-in process for visitors, third-party caregivers, staff, and volunteers to enhance the safety and security of senior living residents against criminal activities. Utilizing a driver’s license scan at the kiosk simplifies registration, offering a swift and secure method of entry. This approach not only accelerates the sign-in procedure but also leverages advanced visitor management technology for precise data collection. When enabled, individuals are prompted to enter their phone number and scan the barcode on their driver’s license, instantly capturing essential information to swiftly and securely complete the sign-in process.

Visitor Badges

Visitor badges increase security and add professionalism to any environment.

Visitor badges also give guests an identity in your space, which creates a nice experience for your visitors. They help to identify who the visitors are within a workplace and provide information about the visitor. Much of which helps your company stay compliant and drastically speeds up your workflows.

Get Alerted as Visitors Arrive

Did you know that you can use the Accushield kiosk to help you monitor visitors and alert management based on who is entering the building? Distribute text and email alerts to the appropriate staff when: 

  • A prospect arrives for a tour
  • A visitor arrives to meet a staff member
  • An unwanted or banned visitor tries to sign in
  • A family member arrives to visit a resident
  • A caregiver from a specific service provider arrives

Photo Capture Technology

Security is an important factor for any healthcare environment. Accushield provides an automated way to capture visitor, staff, third-party caregiver, staff agency, and vendor photos at sign-in. Operators can access these visitor photos anytime on the Accushield dashboard.

When visitors sign in to the Accushield kiosk, it simply captures the photo through the camera on the front of the kiosk and instantly displays it on the dashboard. 

Third-Party Care Provider and Vendor Credentialing in Senior Living

Due to the vulnerability of the senior living population, communities nationwide credential third-party care providers and vendors. The Accushield kiosk automates this process by centralizing credential verification and visit tracking. With Accushield, communities can efficiently verify credentials, ensuring compliance with quality care standards and regulations. This includes agency registration, agreements, insurance proof, information consent, employment verification, background checks, and negative TB proof, ensuring both quality care and regulatory adherence.

  • Criminal background check
  • Required immunizations
  • Proper insurance requirements
  • Adequate training history

Document Tracking

Seamlessly collect and store required documentation in order to validate the health and credentials of everyone who enters your building. Easily collect and approve any document type (i.e. vaccination cards, health test results, proof of insurance, professional licenses, or valid identification cards) and produce compliance-ready reports.

  • Collect, verify, and store required documents for staff, family and friends, service providers and volunteers
  • Fully customize the documentation approval process for your community
  • Collect documents via kiosk, mobile app, or upload in the dashboard
  • Verify submitted documents via dashboard
  • Verified documents allow seamless entry until document expires
  • Set document expiration reminders and alerts; visitors receive mobile app notifications as document expiration approaches
  • Review, approve and report on the submission status of required documents

Corporate and Enterprise Reporting

Operators can provide corporate or multi-location users an easy way to enforce settings from the top-down while making operational decisions using insights from the Accushield dashboard.

Dashboard features:

  • High-level Insights that can be viewed at the Corporate or Community level
  • Corporate-level visitor and staff logs that can be filtered by Community
  • The ability to manage staff from the Corporate-level makes adding and removing staff easier than ever
  • Agency Staffing Insights to review agency usage across the Enterprise or Community level

Coming soon:

  • Enhancements to the current Insights report, with additional data points and drill-down/click-in capabilities
  • Access to the Care Report from a Corporate view
  • Corporate Controls — a one-stop shop for Corporate users to enforce and enable settings from the top down (sign-in features, screening settings, etc)

Evacuation Management

In the event of an emergency, when time is against you, quickly print an evacuation list from the Accushield Name Badge Printer letting you know who is currently in your building.

“Accushield is a highly effective solution for registering and identifying visitors while enhancing resident and employee safety and security in our communities.”
Bernard Wheeler-Medley
Senior Vice President, Belmont Village

Connect | Your Community Messaging Platform

As part of our ongoing commitment to facility communication, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our Connect product line (formerly known as ‘Group SMS’). The goal of the Connect product line is to streamline messaging to staff, residents, and all building visitors. With advanced SMS communication tools, you can provide targeted, timely, and personalized communication. Connect messaging features allow a community administrator to facilitate text communication related to facility events and activities.

Here are a few examples of how Connect can help with facility communication:

  • Do you have upcoming events at the facility?
    Send a text to all staff and residents about upcoming events.
  • Do you need to prep for upcoming inclement weather, or do you have an emergency that may require an evacuation?
    Send a text reminder to all staff, residents, and visitors to sign-out in a timely manner.
  • Do you have to communicate to a specific set of individuals related to the health/welfare of a resident?
    Filter and select the visitors and staff who need to know and send a text to the selected recipients.

Screen Size Matters for Seniors and ADA Compliance

You serve a population of incredible seniors. Because of this, your front-entry kiosks need to meet certain ADA, US 508 & WCAG compliance requirements, which the Accushield kiosk is designed to surpass. These requirements are enforceable by federal, state, and local agencies. Additionally, following these kiosk requirements helps protect you from lawsuits for not complying with these regulations.

Compliance Features Include:

  • Accessibility in Design: Accessibility in design is based on objective, measurable facts and is concerned only with technical or logistical truths.
  • Contrast Ratios: Ratios must meet the needs of the visually impaired.
  • Touch Targets: Geriatric research supports design with two fingers. Both Apple and Google recommend 2x fingertip size. Our designs are almost at 3X making it easier for seniors to use.
  • Industry Standard Iconography: Our designs incorporate the same iconography leveraged for US DOT & Google, and optimized for the IOT.

Receive the 5-Star Safety Rating Seal

The Accushield® 5-Star Safety Rating recognizes healthcare facilities that have prioritized health safety and visitor management through the utilization of advanced sign-in and identification technology. 5-Star Safety Rated locations prioritize the need to identify and track all visitors, including family members, friends, third-party caregivers, staffing agencies, residents, and other vendors. These operators understand the risk that visitors and third-party care providers can pose for residents and staff and have put in place policies to help mitigate that risk.

As a trusted symbol of safety, the Accushield 5-Star Safety Rating helps communities increase awareness of the importance of safety through defined visitor management, health screening, entry policies, procedures, and systems.

Client Testimonials

Accushield’s visitor management system was designed for Senior Living and Nursing Homes by operators with decades of industry experience.

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