The Village at The Triangle

Senior Living Community Boosts Visitor Engagement & Feedback with Reputation Accelerator

Joel Quade

Executive Director - The Village at The Triangle


To improve customer service and garner positive Google reviews about the community from visitors and family members of The Village at The Triangle in Austin, TX.


Accushield’s user-friendly Reputation Accelerator feature enabled the Village’s marketing team to create multiple campaigns that motivated family members and other visitors to provide feedback about their experiences.


The Village boosted its ability to deliver stellar customer service and obtained valuable feedback about customer experiences.

There are multiple reasons why Google reviews and Facebook recommendations are good for business. According to experts, promoting rankings on both platforms is among the best ways to market senior living communities.

Moreover, rankings are also good for search engine optimization (SEO). This means that when someone searches for “senior living” or “senior care” on the internet, algorithms will push a website higher in the local search results simply because it has more Google reviews or Facebook recommendations.

For the marketing team at The Village at The Triangle (The Village), an Austin, TX-based senior living community that offers independent living, assisted living, and memory care, adding Reputation Accelerator to their arsenal of marketing tools was a logical next step in building excellent customer service.

Introduced by Accushield in June of 2021, the feature enables senior living marketing teams to do the following:

  • Instantly collect feedback from visitors
  • Automate Google review generation
  • Drive social media activity and comments
  • Promote custom surveys
  • Receive alerts from dissatisfied family members

According to Joel Quade, Executive Director of The Village, there is “only good” that has come from their use of the feature. “The biggest value is that we hope everyone has a good visit, and if they happen not to, they let us know when they sign out so we can follow up instantly, which is really the key to customer service,” he says.

Reputation Accelerator’s Visitor Satisfaction Surveys are user-friendly tools for garnering valuable feedback about customers’ experiences. With the use of smiley faces, visitors can instantly respond before leaving the building.

“It’s a great feature in that it not only prompts people to do a Google review,” says Quade, “but the bigger plus is that they are reviewing their visit.” The Village sets up their surveys so that if the feedback is anything below “good,” he gets an instant notification, which prompts him to follow up immediately.

Quade notes that only a few responses have been “below good,” one person who had hit the wrong button and another who said she’d had a terrible visit with her mother and “it had nothing to do with the community; I was just mad at my mom,” she said. “But I called her within 30 minutes of the review, and she was astounded that I had followed up with her so quickly,” he says.

Since adding Reputation Accelerator a year ago, The Village has run four campaigns, one for Facebook and the others for Google reviews. Although Quade says they’ve always had good Google reviews, the data shows that the number of reviews has jumped by 20 during their campaign period.

“Overall, the experience has been very good, and it’s easy to use,” says Quade. “It’s 100 percent worth the investment—it’s simple and straightforward, and it’s a great customer service tool.”

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  • Inability to obtain timely reviews from visitors
  • Limited touch points with visitors
  • Difficulty improving Google or Facebook rankings
  • Ability to collect valuable visitor experience feedback
  • Access to real-time reporting metrics on all visitor types
  • Ability to analyze all feedback and trends

“Overall, the experience has been very good, and it’s easy to use. It’s 100 percent worth the investment—it’s simple and straightforward, and it’s a great customer service tool.”

Joel Quade