Internal Agency

Remove all external agency usage by replicating the on-demand staffing model and send shifts to your own agency of relief staff across multiple locations to:

  1. Boost staff retention and reduce burnout
  2. Maintain care continuity
  3. Improve staff availability
  4. Reduce agency spend
  5. Offer flexible work opportunities

Watch How Easy Sending Shifts
To Your Internal Agency Is

How It Works

Getting started

Group and invite staff you wish to add as internal agency workers

Internal agency set up

Our team will map your custom positions to your internal agency that only your organization has access to

Fill last-minute shifts

Staff members download the Flex app and start accepting shifts

Optimize Your Staff Utilization

Avoid hefty agency fees by creating your own with trained staff
and give them the flexibility to own their schedule

Trusted Staff = Quality Service

Ensure a safe environment by onboarding your own casual and part-time staff trained by your organization.

No More Steep Agency Fees

By sending open shifts to your internal agency you will avoid fees and extra costs for external agency workers.

Empower Staff

Eliminate burnout and boost retention by allowing your staff to make their own schedule and accept shifts from anywhere via the Flex app.

Fully In-House Experience

Designate your “agency” staff and fulfill your shifts as a private agency. Your open shifts will never get sent outside of your organization – making it fully internal and secure.

Ready to solve your shift fulfillment and focus on better care?

Stay fully staffed and focused on high-quality care by simplifying and streamlining the scheduling process through an intuitive, all-in-one platform.