Infection Control's Smartest Solutions

A successful infection prevention and control program requires a dedicated team. Unfortunately, health care workers today are busier than ever, often making infection control difficult to manage.

That’s why we’ve created a first-of-its-kind, all-in-one suite combining common processes while leveraging technology, innovation, and automation.

Add Accushield to your team today to streamline your facility’s program while giving valuable time back to staff and elevating your compliance.

Infection Prevention and Control

The Accushield Infection Prevention and Control suite combines common infection prevention and control processes into a solution built to support regulatory compliance and advance how providers manage infection prevention and control.

The Accushield Infection Prevention and Control suite includes:

Clinical Surveillance

Trace Tracking

Respirator Fit Test

Case Management

Vaccine Management

Insights and Reports

Clinical Surveillance

Still using a pen and paper for clinical surveillance? Automate this process and reap the benefits!

Your new clinical surveillance process replaces the outdated and risky pen and paper manual process with a medical-grade kiosk and optional thermometer and mobile app.

Customization means preventing multiple avoidable infections including:

  • Influenza
  • Pneumonia
  • COVID-19
  • Monkeypox
  • Norovirus
  • and more!

Accushield’s Clinical Surveillance solution benefits include:

  • Reduction in avoidable exposure by stopping individuals exhibiting symptoms before they enter care areas
  • Customized health screening questionnaires and temperature thresholds which ensure facility managers are asking the right screening questions at the right time, every time!
  • Capture critical data which supports compliance including trace tracking, NHSN reporting, and more!
  • Reports and dashboards that make survey readiness a breeze
  • Customize screening questions based on visitor type, such as staff, residents, family and friends, and third-party caregivers
  • Increased screening efficiencies through our free mobile app that enables you to screen visitors up to one hour before entering your facility and automates the sign-in process with a unique QR code
  • Real-time alerts and notifications that ensure managers can respond to possible exposure risks promptly
  • The ability to manage health screening questions and other settings from corporate or facility levels

“Daily health screening remains a critical component of our infection prevention and control program. Today, our residents are exposed to more than we’ve ever had to worry about in the past, and it’s not just about COVID-19 anymore. With heightened media scrutiny and more government oversight, it’s critical we operators do everything we can to protect the most vulnerable population and our workforces.”
Misty Reid, AGACNP-BC, MSN
Chief Nursing Officer at EmpRes Healthcare Management

Trace Tracking

Taking your ability to pinpoint the exposure source to a different level

Identifying the point of exposure is critical to preventing avoidable future exposure. That’s why Accushield offers a number of reports designed not only to improve your ability to perform trace tracking, but also your ability to identify the number of individuals who may have been exposed.

Our reports enable you to:

  • Access details by date, visitor type, and more
  • Pinpoint individuals exhibiting symptoms during a specific timeframe
  • Identify what the individual was doing while in your facility
  • Evaluate the residents visited in order to implement necessary precautions

“We were staffing the front desks and trying to take temperatures, despite a shortage of thermometers, and we were making sure everyone was signing in correctly… So we were looking at solutions to streamline the testing and screening process and for the eventuality of when we could allow visitors back in. We also wanted to have an accurate record for contact tracing, as well as records of the screenings (and no lost paperwork). It was really about facilitating how we looked at the process for visitor and staff check-ins and being able to have a better record of who is in and out of our buildings.”
Bernie McGuiness
CEO, and founder of Majestic Care

Respirator Fit Test Management

OSHA compliance, without the manual spreadsheets

As part of Accushield’s Infection Prevention & Control suite, we’re pleased to offer providers with a respirator fit test management solution designed to simplify the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandatory fit test guideline and avoid one of the top 10 most cited deficiencies in the healthcare industry.

Our Respirator Fit Test management feature helps to keep you in compliance without creating unnecessary risk by simplifying the fit test workflow and capturing critical data, including:

  • Medical evaluations and signatures required for fit testing
  • Respirator manufacturer details for PPE management
  • Insights and reports that provide managers, surveyors, and other agencies with required data
  • A record of both failed and passed fit test evaluations
  • Sign-in alerts if a staff member signs in with a missing or outdated fit test
  • Due dates for next fit test for each staff member

“It’s definitely been a huge help in saving time with all the updates that occur on a regular basis, as well as its standardized approach to screening. The document manager [feature] has opened up more possibilities, and we do much more with the data at hand… For example, if we had wanted to track when someone is due for their booster, we didn’t have ability to do so. Now, we have so much more customization that if there is a change in regulation we can adapt with the times and not have to wait for Accushield to update all their software. We have the ability to customize it without them having to go into the back end and do it.”
Seth Caldwell, RN
Clinical Informatics Nurse at Brickyard Healthcare

Case Management

Simply manage and prevent infectious cases. Keep your patients healthy.

Case Management provides transparency into patient care outcomes by simplifying the process of tracking infection cases by allowing nurses to monitor the status and update the details of open, in progress, or closed cases. The feature also offers a centralized location to track cases and provides valuable insights to nurses caring for residents. Alerts for case status changes as well as compliance insights are also available to assist in real-time information transfer and help you provide quality care at your facility!

Key highlights of Accushield Case Management include:

  • Open and track cases with ease
  • Check the status and update details of open, in progress, or closed cases in one centralized location
  • Obtain new, detailed insights for nurses caring for residents
  • Satisfy an ombudsman or surveyor’s audit with simple reporting
  • Alert staff members about case status updates

Vaccine Management and Tracking

Eliminate manual vaccination data gathering and replace it with self-service workflows

Leverage the Accushield kiosk and mobile app to automate the document collection process. Benefits include:

  • Customize settings in order to capture documents based on visitor type, such as staff, visitors, agency staff, and third-party caregivers
  • Real-time alerts when an individual with a missing document signs in
  • Unlimited document types may be requested from visitors
  • The ability to turn captured documents into actionable data used for compliance and reporting
  • A streamlined process to quickly and easily review and approve submitted documents

Save valuable time with pre-built document templates, including:

  • Influenza vaccination
  • Tuberculosis test result
  • COVID-19 vaccination
  • COVID-19 test result
  • Insurance card
  • Certificate of insurance
  • Drug screen
  • And many more!

“We designed our Respirator Fit Test management solution with compliance and ease of use in mind. An infection preventionist has a number of responsibilities in a facility – most of them new as regulations have changed. We wanted to further our commitment of enhancing safety and compliance with this release. Now our customers can track their staff fit tests and supporting documentation all in one place. Best of all, they can easily identify staff with expired fit tests and support OSHA compliance.”
TK King
Vice President of Healthcare Strategy at Accushield

Insights and Reports

Unlock the power of data with Accushield

Accushield solutions simplify data collection processes by automating data capture at the kiosk and in the mobile app. Our dashboards, reports, and file exports enable timely decision making for managers while elevating compliance and creating peace of mind.

Accushield Insights help providers identify:

  • Facility visitor activity trends
  • Failed health screening trends
  • Busiest visitor times to plan for heightened precautions
  • Health screening responses for contact tracking and infection spread prevention
  • NHSN vaccination reporting for COVID-19 and influenza
  • Staff with outdated respirator fit tests

Accushield’s entry management system was designed for Senior Living and Nursing Homes by operators with decades of industry experience.

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