Accushield 5-Star Safety Rating

The Accushield® 5-Star Safety Rating recognizes healthcare facilities that have prioritized health safety and visitor management through the utilization of advanced sign-in and identification technology. 5-Star Safety Rated locations prioritize the need to identify, and track all visitors, including family members, friends, third-party caregivers, staffing agencies, residents, and other vendors. These operators understand the risk that visitors and third-party care providers can pose for residents and staff and have put in place policies to help mitigate that risk. As a trusted symbol of Safety, the Accushield 5-Star Safety Rating helps communities increase awareness of the importance of safety through defined visitor management, health screening, entry policies, procedures, and systems.

If you are an Accushield Partner Community and would like to place the 5-Star Safety Rating emblem on your website please let us know.