Accushield Marketplace

The Accushield Marketplace provides agency staffing providers with an opportunity to serve over 7,000 senior living and skilled nursing operators across all 50 states, offering a pivotal gateway to fulfill open shifts.

Join the Accushield Marketplace today to broaden your facility marketing reach, engage with hard-to-reach Directors/Schedulers, and align with customers’ expectations.

“Our digital agency was able to grow and expand our business using the Accushield Marketplace. We have been able to market to communities in new regions without a sales team.”
– Digital Agency, Owner

Supercharge your marketing efforts and fill more shifts

  • Access to a large customer base: The Accushield Care Marketplace is in a position to provide an aggregator platform to 7,000+ senior living and skilled nursing operators. By joining the Marketplace, staffing providers can tap into this vast customer base and potentially reach new customers they may not have been able to reach on their own.
  • Increased visibility and exposure: The Care Marketplace’s search algorithm and caregiver recommendation system can help increase visibility and exposure to potential customers. This can help boost sales and increase brand awareness.
  • Trusted and established platform: The Care Marketplace has built a reputation as a trusted and established entry management company, which can help build trust and credibility with customers.
  • Lower marketing costs: Joining the Marketplace can be a cost-effective way to reach new customers and promote services. The platform offers a range of marketing and advertising tools that staffing companies can use to promote their services, and many of these tools are available at a lower cost than traditional advertising channels.
  • Simplified logistics and shift fulfillment: The Marketplace offers a range of scheduling applications that can help simplify the process of accepting an open shift.

Accushield Marketplace Users

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Why Join the Accushield Marketplace?

By joining the Accushield Marketplace, traditional staffing agencies and external labor marketplace (aka: digital staffing agencies) can increase their marketing reach and exposure to senior living and skilled nursing providers.

Grow customer base

Increase your visibility and attract more communities who are actively looking to fill open shifts. Additionally, the Accushield Marketplace offers digital tools that can help streamline the process of filling an open shift.

Retain top talent

By accessing the Accushield Marketplace, you can gain entry to industry-leading organizations’ open shifts for your workers and retain skilled professionals on your roster.

Pain-free onboarding

Onboarding your company to the Accushield Marketplace is free, simple and straightforward, requiring only a few steps to get started.

Have More Questions?

Why Senior Living and Skilled Nursing facilities prefer scheduling agency via the Accushield Marketplace


Accurate time and attendance

The Accushield Marketplace delivers a dependable solution to communities and facilities, ensuring accurate verification of agency caregivers’ time and attendance through the Accushield kiosk.


Transparent pricing

The Marketplace platform promotes agency price transparency. Operators can easily compare hourly rates among different agency CNAs, fostering healthy price competition.


Ratings and reviews

The Accushield Marketplace provides agency quality ratings and reviews, allowing operators to assess the level of care and attention offered by available agency caregivers. Benefit from insights shared by fellow community Directors and Administrators.


Invoice verification

Invoice verification becomes a breeze. Managing invoices from multiple staffing agency providers used to be tedious and error prone. The Marketplace simplifies the entire process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.


Credentialing verification

Utilize the Accushield Marketplace dashboard to promptly access and validate the credentials of temporary staff working onsite. Eliminate the need for last-minute faxes.