Accushield Visitor Management Integrations

Accushield Visitor Management Integrations

The Accushield visitor management system integrates with industry partners & solutions to support care collaboration and workflow efficiencies. These integrations fall into three primary categories: Resident Management, Workforce Management, and Access Control.

Resident Management

Automatic updates from the electronic health record drive workflow efficiencies

Providers are turning to automation via integrations to create workflow efficiencies for their teams. Leveraging partnerships with industry electronic health record leaders, Accushield’s robust data sharing capabilities eliminate the need to manually update resident records in Accushield’s database. Not only does this save valuable time, it also ensures a single source of truth for critical data, such as legal names, contact information, and more. Other key integrations alert residents when a visitor arrives, ensuring residents are timely notified and improving the visit experience.

Accushield’s integration roadmap with electronic health record applications centers on creating as much value as possible for our customers. That’s why we’re focused on increasing the amount of data we both receive and send to clinical systems.

Resident management partners include:

Workforce Management

Innovation helps prevent avoidable exposure while eliminating data entry

Our commitment to advancing value for our customers through our partner integrations made waves in the industry as we released a solution to alert managers when a staff member overlooked health screening at the start of their shift. Our customers needed a way to identify their team members that may have skipped health screening before they entered care areas, potentially exposing residents and other staff to avoidable infections.

Accushield listened and partnered with staff management solutions to alert managers when this exact activity occurs. Additionally, our partnerships and integration eliminate manual data entry of staff details in Accushield. Routine updates from your staff management solution into Accushield automatically update staff records. No more managing two systems and no more risk!

Workforce management partners include:

Access Control

When safety matters, Accushield raises the bar with automated access control

At the heart of Accushield is the desire to keep residents, healthcare providers, and communities safe. That’s why we’ve partnered with key industry access control solutions to enhance how providers manage safety in their communities.

Do you want a way to unlock secured doors when individuals are approved for entry? We can help! Take advantage of our partnerships and let your Accushield kiosk manage the security of doors. Best of all, our kiosks not only unlock secured doors according to customized settings, they also capture critical data used for compliance, safety, and more! Now our customers can leverage data sharing with Accushield to elevate their safety program, without the hassle.

Access control partners include:

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