Refined Frequency & Messaging Control with Less Time at the Kiosk

The Accushield platform entry management’s process is the perfect place to request feedback and promote your online reputation from both the mobile app and kiosk. Messaging your targeted audience, responding effectively, and asking for ratings and reviews for transparency is Reputation Accelerator’s purpose.

When managing your online reputation, engagement with your reviewers is essential.  According to a recent article “The 7 Most Effective Ways to Manage Your Online Reputation” from , the things that you should consider when developing reputation management in your organization should ideally include:

  1. Monitoring your social footprint
  2. Responding to people promptly
  3. Asking for Google reviews
  4. Encouraging brand advocacy
  5. Being transparent
  6. Setting goals
  7. Knowing your audience

With this release you now have custom messaging and frequency configuration options that enable you to send messages that are more personal and engaging.

Accushield | Reputation Accelerator | Personalize Your Interactions

Configure Message and Timing

Create personalized messaging with data field variables and set specific time of day you would like your target audience to receive review requests for email or text channel delivery.

Campaign frequency control, rating prompts and auto texts updates

We will ask your campaign’s audience to submit a rating every visit until it has been completed. Once the rating has been completed you can then ask the campaign to send further custom messaging either via text message or at the Kiosk and mobile app.




One less step!

On the kiosk or mobile app, the visitor’s phone number and email address will automatically populate, decreasing the visitor sign-in and sign-out times.




Stats Speak Louder than Words

Let’s look at the numbers that our current Accushield Reputation Accelerator customers are noticing:

  • 74% of all Google Reviews that Accushield customers have received in the past month can be attributed to Reputation Accelerator
  • Reputation Accelerator is responsible for generating an average of 7.1 Google Reviews per customer in the last 30 days
  • The average rating on Google for those reviews is 4.6
  • Over 92% of all ratings received are positive

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What’s next?

Reputation Accelerator will continue to advance throughout 2023. Key upcoming features include:

  • One-Click Campaign Duplication
  • Improved Employee Search in Alerts
  • New Campaign Visuals in Campaign Reports


There are many more exciting updates coming this Spring and Summer!

Accushield is dedicated to continual improvement across all application experiences (kiosk, mobile app, and dashboard), making them more consistent, accessible, and intuitive for all users.


Accushield is a healthcare technology company. Our onsite hardware and software provide visitor/staff management, infection prevention and control, and health/safety compliance via automation and reporting.