Making COVID-19 Vaccination Mandates Manageable

Making COVID-19 Vaccination Mandates Manageable

Skilled nursing, long term care, and assisted living facilities are among the most critically impacted care settings that have been impacted by the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic. Senior adults rely on quality care delivery. They entrust their care to providers to follow the rules and regulations that protect them from avoidable COVID-19 exposure through routine testing and vaccination verification.

However, due to the nature of the pandemic, these rules and regulations that are intended to keep seniors and care providers safe have created a barriers to compliance. Federal, state, and county regulations, in addition to facility policies and procedures have created a significant record keeping and reporting requirements that have become unmanageable. Unfortunately, the situation is only getting worse as more and more facilities receive survey citations, civil monetary penalties, and an impact to 5 star ratings as a result of non-compliance.

Accushield understands the sense of urgency to not only provide a solution that supports regulatory compliance, but also helps reduce the burden to facility staff. That’s why we built our customizable Document Management solution. The easy-to-use feature enables staff, contractors, or visitors entering the facility to upload documents for verification, according to the document requirements set at the corporate or facility level. Most importantly, like other Accushield features, the Document Management solution can be easily updated any time there’s a change to a rule or regulation.

“Watermark has recently implemented this new feature and they have shortened waiting times for visitors to get into the communities, which has also freed up staff to attend to more important tasks. Just ask Merri Miller, Regional Director Health Services, Compliance – Watermark Retirement Communities, “Once your information is entered you don’t have to load it again each time. It’s linked to your screening, so once it’s in there you get waived through right after screening,” she notes. “So, it decreases the time it takes to complete the screening and go see loved ones. That’s another advantage.”



Accushield’s latest release includes enhancements to the collection, submission, and verification concerning the COVID-19 vaccination 1st dose and additional doses/booster data collection, positive COVID-19 test exemptions, and COVID-19 vaccination exemption documentation. With the Accushield Mobile app and Accushield kiosk, everyone can submit the required documentation to gain entry into the building and receive approval status notifications via Email or SMS on their documents submitted. Finally, we have streamlined the review and verification process with an efficient dashboard to save personnel time.

Overall Document Management Feature Highlights

  • Collect, verify and store required details around:
    • COVID-19 Vaccination Primary Series and now additional doses/ booster details, partial vaccination, and exemption documents.
    • COVID-19 Test Positive Test Exemption
    • Multiple images such as the front and back of a COVID-19 vaccination card for one document
    • Require specific documentation upon failure of health screening
    • Fully customizable Document approval process
    • Create autoresponders to visitors on their document’s submission and document status alerts to Staff
    • Review, approve and report on the submission status of required Documents

What’s Next?
A focus on infection prevention and control to keep your residents safe and make your job easier with a simple data export for NHSN-HCP Healthcare Personal Compliance COVID-19 Tracking Log.

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