Accushield Eliminates Brickyard Healthcare’s Reporting & Paperwork Burdens

Accushield Eliminates Brickyard Healthcare’s Reporting & Paperwork Burdens

Indiana senior care communities experience easier COVID-19 reporting compliance with the Accushield senior living system

Brickyard Healthcare, formerly Golden LivingCenters, which operates 23 (skilled nursing and ancillary services) locations across Indiana, uses Accushield’s health screening and reporting features to capture vaccination status, injection dates, vaccine cards, and test results. In addition to significant time and cost savings in gathering vaccination data, Accushield’s paperless document management functionality empowers management with accurate, accessible sign-in, vaccination, and other health-related data to meet reporting requirements.

Brickyard Healthcare believes COVID-19 reporting requirements will be the “new normal” for senior living providers and is grateful for the Accushield system’s ability to efficiently track all relevant documentation. “With an increase in reporting requirements and other mandates for COVID-19, we felt Accushield’s system was the most effective tool to ensure we’re in compliance,” said Seth Caldwell, clinical informatics nurse for Brickyard Healthcare. “Before, if we wanted to track when someone was due for their booster, we didn’t have the ability to do so. We now have more customization, so if there is a change in regulations, we have the ability to make adjustments internally without having to reach out to Accushield to handle it.”

Accushield’s health screening has proven to offer a wide range of benefits for its healthcare facility partners, addressing many of the critical risks that the COVID-19 pandemic created for senior living communities, nursing homes, and hospitals.

“Brickyard Healthcare recognizes the risks that visitors and third-party care providers can pose for residents and staff and has put policies in place to help mitigate them,” said Charles Mann, co-founder and chief sales officer of Accushield. “As a 5-Star facility, Brickyard Healthcare continues to take proactive, precautionary measures that make a difference, including prioritizing the need to identify and track all visitors, such as family members, friends, third-party caregivers, and other vendors.”

With the adoption in November 2021 by Foundation Health Partners, a skilled nursing facility in Fairbanks, Alaska, Accushield is now being utilized in all 50 states.

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Founded in 2013, Accushield® is the leading developer of sign-in and health screening kiosks for skilled nursing facilities, senior living communities, hospitals, and other healthcare-related institutions. The Accushield solution was designed by Executive Directors and Healthcare Administrators to help them know who is in their buildings. The tablet-based kiosk and mobile app facilitate a safer, healthier, and more streamlined sign-in process for visitors, staff, third-party caregivers, and residents in over 5,000 healthcare facilities. With the adoption in November by Foundation Health Partners, a skilled nursing facility in Fairbanks, Alaska, Accushield now manages installations in all 50 states across the United States. To learn more, visit: