Streamlining Visitor Sign-in and Security in Senior Living

Streamlining Visitor Sign-in and Security in Senior Living

Accushield helps streamline the sign-in process in senior living and skilled nursing facilities with a rapid, accurate, and secure check-in solution. All records are stored in one centralized location and available on-demand, utilizing a touchless screening kiosk. This process would replace manual paper logbooks with a simplified sign-in and health screening process. The tablet-based kiosk provides families, residents, and staff the peace of mind in knowing that people coming into the buildings are accurately screened and free of infection, especially during a pandemic and beyond.

In 2020, many senior living facilities had to quickly figure out a way to keep patients, guests, and staff safe and checked in properly. Majestic Care found that the easiest and most effective way to stay in compliance with COVID-19 requirements was Accushield. This enabled Majestic Care to take accurate temperatures, record them easily and legibly, and control the flow of visitors and care team members within the facility while creating a heightened sense of safety and security.

“Accushield adds a layer of security to our buildings and enhances the comfort level of our residents, visitors, and care team members.” — Bernie McGuiness, CEO, and Founder of Majestic Care

Before the Accushield implementation, Majestic Care used paper visitor logs that had to be managed manually. This meant extra hands were needed at the front desks to ensure that people were appropriately signing in. Now, with multiple Accushield kiosks in all 20 of its buildings, Majestic Care makes these systems part of its implementation plan. This allows it to ensure that no one with an active infection enters the building. Their investment into Accushield contributed to their care team members’ ability to meet the needs of residents during the pandemic.

“A significant amount of quality time is spent every day by caregivers in senior living and skilled nursing facilities, who are required to take their patients’ temperature and check for symptoms. Accushield was designed to improve this process while providing an extra level of security to families, residents, and staff during a pandemic.” — Charles Mann, Co-Founder & CSO of Accushield

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