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Document Management

Changing how providers collect documents, one document at a time!

Still managing and tracking document collection using a clipboard and paper? There’s an easier way, and it starts with Accushield Document Management.

Quickly and easily customize the type of documents you wish to collect, who you need to collect them from, how often you want to collect the documents, and when they expire. Then sit back let Accushield collect your documents at the kiosk and optional mobile app.

As documents are collected from staff, visitors, and third-party caregivers, managers can review and approve them for quality and tracking purposes. Best of all? Accushield’s innovative reporting tools take the data stuck on paper and turn it in to actionable data used for reporting, regulatory compliance, and more!

All data collected through Accushield is stored in compliance with HIPAA regulations. Information security is always our top priority. 

Sign In & Document Capture via Mobile App

Accushield Kiosk with Document Management solutions:

  • Create and edit requests for specific document types
  • Leverage pre-built templates for common documents
  • Expired document alerts and reports
  • Robust reports and insights
  • Set specific collection requirements, such as by visitor category

Perfect for:

  • Proof of COVID-19 and influenza vaccination
  • Proof of test-results
  • Drug screening requirements
  • Requesting auto and liability insurance details

Document Management Collection Features

Require docs to complete sign in

Determine which roles (staff, visitors, third-party caregivers, or volunteers) are required to have which documents on file to sign in to your community. For example, third-party caregivers may be required to have a certificate of insurance on file, while staff members need a seasonal influenza shot by a certain date.

Collect docs via mobile app

As documents are required, the Accushield mobile app provides a convenient way to collect required documents. Visitors are notified of required documents, can upload them prior to entering the community, and are notified as documents near expiration.

Scan documents at kiosk

For individuals required to provide documents at sign in, the kiosk can be used to scan their document as a part of their sign-in and screening process. They will be prompted to enter document details a photo of their document.

Dashboard & Reporting Features

Customize document collection

Easily create and edit document types and collection requirements in just a few minutes. Chose which visitor category to collect the document from, how often you want it collected, and how you want submitted documents to be approved, and you’re done!

Approve submitted documents

Operators can quickly approve or reject submitted documents through a web-based dashboard. Once approved, individuals will be able to complete the sign-in process as normal until the document expires.

Leverage the data stuck on paper

As documents are captured and approved, Accushield lifts the data off the images and turns it into insights and reports used for tracking and compliance. No more sorting through paperwork and spreadsheets!

Accushield is Trusted by Thousands of Senior Living Communities Across the US and Canada.

Customer Testimonials

Accushield’s entry management system was designed for Senior Living and Nursing Homes by operators with decades of industry experience.

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