How to Save Money and Improve Facility Operations with Flex Insights

How to Save Money and Improve Facility Operations with Flex Insights

We are excited to empower you with 4 NEW reports in your Flex Community Landing Page that will help save you money and streamline staff management at your facility.

This latest update equips you with the ability to review key reports about your facility’s staff scheduling in one, centralized location. Not only that, this information is presented in an intuitive and simple way to to help you review and improve your facility operations easier than ever before.

Keep reading to learn more about how to improve facility operations with these new insights!

What is Accushield Flex?

The mission of Flex is to improve the quality and cost of healthcare through smarter staff management.

nurse or care provider looking at her phone showing smarter shift management with flexible scheduling technology, Accushield Flex.

Flex is a modernized flexible staffing solution that empowers your team to browse, self-schedule, and accept shifts directly from their phones. With flexible scheduling technology, your staff is provided with greater flexibility and more opportunities to pick up shifts as they become available. This also leads to higher quality care and enhanced retention by helping you effectively fill shifts, manage overtime, and reduce agency spend at your facility.

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Introducing Your New Source of Shift Insights

landing page showing new and improved flex for easier staff scheduling

Your Flex Community Landing Page will be your new source of insights on shift data.

We are excited to announce the latest update to our Flex scheduling solution that gives you brand new insights on shift coverage at your facility.

You now have access to four new reports – Utilization, Shift Audit, Top 5 Positions Filled, and Missing Staff Roster Data that will help you evaluate your workforce and optimize operations more efficiently.

When you first login to the Accushield Dashboard, as a Flex customer, you will see a new landing page with lots of powerful statistics about your staff and overall shift coverage.

Here is a brief description of the reports that you can now review:


Overall shift coverage at your facility for both internal and external staff

This report shows the percentage of shifts at your location that are being covered by internal staff as opposed to external staff. The higher the percentage, the better coverage your internal staff are providing for your needs. The lower the percentage, the more you are relying on external staff to meet scheduling needs.

Shift Audit

Breakdown of shift allocation for the previous week

View actual versus scheduled hours for a quick view into resolving your invoices.
Contracted hours is the number of hours your selected staff is contracted to work during sign-in.
Actual Hours is the total time that a provider was signed into the kiosk.
If the sign-in duration exceeds the contracted hours, your staff may not be signing out of the kiosk.

Top 5 Positions Filled

Positions with highest contracted hours for the previous month

View a summary of last months top-filled positions based on the number of hours associated with the position to identify the most demanded roles at your facility.

Missing Staff Roster Data

Aggregate number of staff with missing information

This report allows you to identify the total aggregate number of staff with missing information such as phone numbers, emails, and services types, which are critical pieces of data to streamline sign-in and sign-out. This information is now available to review for all active staff at any time.

Pro-Tip: Combine these new reports to get powerful insights to overall care provided in your facility and use them to help manage your staffing costs.

Sign into the Dashboard here to explore these new reports.

What’s Next?

We are committed to helping you effectively manage staffing costs at your facility.

Here is what’s coming next for flexible staff scheduling…


  • Mobile application improvements to support shift management
  • Occupancy & Capacity planning reporting
  • Additional visit / shift detail reporting to support research and invoicing

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Accushield is dedicated to continual improvement across all application experiences (kiosk, mobile app, and dashboard), making them more consistent, accessible, and intuitive for all users.


Accushield is a healthcare technology company. Our onsite hardware and software provide visitor/staff management, infection prevention and control, and health/safety compliance via automation and reporting.