May 2023 Release Notes

May 2023 Release Notes

May 24, 2023

May is here, and spring is in full bloom! This is the season of growth and renewal – a time to reflect, but also a time to look forward. In January we launched Control. February we launched Flex. March we launched Connect. This month, we are introducing Case Management to the Control suite along with a few key updates to the kiosk and mobile app that will enhance your visitor experience.

Introducing Case Management | AccushieldIntroducing Accushield Case Management

Whether it’s to eliminate duplicate programs, reduce time spent entering data, or elevate quality care through infection control, the Control suite is designed to provide comprehensive infection prevention and control (IPC) technology to prevent and combat avoidable infections within your facility. Case Management streamlines the process of tracking infection cases through a centralized location and provides valuable insights to nurses caring for residents.

Key highlights:

  • Open and track cases with ease

  • Check the status and update details of open, in progress, or closed cases in one centralized location

  • Improve infection prevention and control processes with data and insights

  • Meet regulatory requirements without adding to workloads

  • Alert staff members about case status updates

Read more on our blog here.

Accushield Entry Management Platform Updates May 2023

Dashboard Updates: Device Compatibility

Advancing our Dashboard to be available on all types of devices

We are taking the first steps to ensure that the Accushield Dashboard can be easily used on any computer, tablet or mobile device. Here are a few things you will notice with this update.

Key highlights:

  • The Dashboard’s “Welcome” bar fills the width of the browser window
  • No more scroll bars in the pages
  • Settings has moved from the Main Menu to the very top, near Help

Kiosk Updates: Focus on Staff Enhancements

Accushield Kiosk Staff Registration

Staff List in Kiosk Ledger

With this kiosk update, you can now quickly identify the staff members that are currently signed-in to your facility, and you also have the ability to sign a staff member out if they forgot to do so. Having quick access to know who is in the building at any given time is important in case of emergencies, but it also enhances safety and security at your facility by allowing you to easily identify visitors, residents, and staff.

Staff Registration Just Got Easier!

Do you have new hires at your facility? Staff members now have the ability to register their own account through the kiosk to improve the data reporting and collection process. This will provide a better first-time user experience and relieve this burden from your Community Admins.

Under the “Sign-In Features” page in the Dashboard, there is now be an option for staff account creation from the kiosk. For all new communities, we will enable this by default, along with staff sign-in and staff badge.

How does this work?

When a staff member registers in the kiosk, they are added to the staff roster (kiosk sign-in only) with a ‘Pending’ status for a Community or Corporate Admin to edit or approve. There will be a notification icon next to the “Staff Accounts” in the Dashboard to alert of a pending status. Once a staff member is approved, they will become an active member. If they are not approved, the account will not be activated, and the individual will receive an error message upon sign-in.

One or more staff members can be approved at one time through check box functionality and the new status button at the top of the staff roster. It’s that easy!

Staff Home Address Capture

To continue our efforts in helping you collect valuable information for all visitor types, we have added the Home Address capture functionality for Staff as well. To easily capture the home addresses of your staff, simply turn on “Address Capture” under the “Sign-in Features” tab in the Dashboard. Staff can then add their address upon their next sign in. Learn more here.

Mobile App Updates: Your Data in Your Hands

Introducing Profile Management on Mobile!

Introducing Profile Management on Mobile!

Your visitors can now easily manage and control their own account information without having to call your community to make changes through their Profile on the Accushield Mobile app.

For example, if a user misspells their name while creating an account, they can now edit this profile information through the Accushield Mobile app.

This gives users more control over their account information and reduces the amount of time your community may need to help manage accounts.

Are your visitors using Accushield Mobile?

Some of the details that can now be managed through the Accushield Mobile app include:



Service Providers


First Name & Last Name corrections




Company name





Email address




Notification preferences




Home address details


Service type


Introducing Flex | AccushieldFlex your Staffing Schedules

We are excited to introduce our Flex solution. Flex is a a simple, mobile-first platform that empowers your team to browse, self-schedule, and accept shifts directly from their phones.

Key Features:

  • Create and maintain your team schedules

  • Immediate, automated shift call-outs to your team to fill shifts

  • Empower your team to browse and accept shifts directly from their phones

  • Create your own ‘internal agency’ or leverage the staffing agency marketplace to create transparency and competition

Read more feature details on our blog here.

What’s Coming Next?

The Control Product Line

New process flows that expand Infection Prevention and Control suite of features; specifically around return to work management and document collection improvements and notifications.

Visitor and Entry Management updates across the Accushield Platform

  • At the kiosk ensuring ease of entry and exit is critical. Coming soon we’ll be adding options for facial recognition, QR codes for Staff & Residents, and “Punch in / Punch out” integrations with payroll solutions for Staffing solutions.
  • In our mobile app Residents and Volunteers will soon be able to use the mobile app too. In addition, we’ll be enhancing visitor profiles . . .
  • We are working on the Accushield Dashboard to have a new concept of “Corporate Controls” to quickly make system level changes that effects multiple communities at the same time.

Any feedback on these upcoming concepts? Email us today at


Accushield is a healthcare technology company. Our onsite hardware and software provide visitor/staff management, infection prevention and control, and health/safety compliance via automation and reporting.