The New Accushield Dashboard Will Transform Your Experience. Here’s How.

The New Accushield Dashboard Will Transform Your Experience. Here’s How.

The New Accushield Dashboard Will Transform Your Experience. Here’s How.

We are excited to introduce you to our Dashboard redesign, launched and live as of 09/08. This major update is focused on easing readability, gaining reporting efficiencies, and centralizing data across multiple communities. As a continuation of our user interface redesign we have updated the Dashboard with a new look and feel. With that, there are several features that have been added and we are excited to tell you about our journey, what’s in it for you, and where we are going next.

Reporting Enhancements

Accushield Insights Report


The first phase of having actionable data at your fingertips is here through our brand new Insights report. The information that you are presented with will change based on your role type, and help you make operational decisions. Stay tuned for additional reports and functionality through Insights.

New Health Screening Log Details

You no longer have to export the health screening log to find one individual’s record. Now, you can quickly view questionnaire responses and how they align with your community’s screening rules.

Enhanced Evacuation Report

Emergencies are never fun, and in those cases we know you need a prompt way to determine who is in the building. We’ve added significant readability improvements and a quick print option on the Dashboard’s Evacuation Report, so you’ll have the information you need at the click of a button.

Are you an enterprise or multi-community user?

New Enterprise Views

You asked and we are delivering. We have developed our first set of enterprise-level views with visitor, staff, and health screening logs, with one report view aggregating data across one or many communities. Additionally, you can drill down to one community’s Dashboard through a new dynamic, type-ahead search that allows you to easily look for a specific community.

New User Roles

Ensuring the right person has the right access to the right information is important to your business and ours. As a result, we are continuing the expansion of roles you can assign to staff. The new roles being introduced in this release include: Corporate Administrator, Corporate Analyst, Community Administrator, Dashboard User, and Community Analyst. Additionally, staff can have one or more communities assigned to them.

Improvements Working with Resident Data

Resident data changes frequently. With this release, you can now update your resident roster by uploading a .csv file using a provided template. You can also search and locate a resident by building, and mass update multiple residents’ status with a few easy clicks.

A Home Built for You


Our Dashboard home page is currently transforming to be more efficient and personalized. Your access is tailored specifically to you based on role type.

Navigation Updates

We are going to start moving some menu items around, and it starts with Alerts. Alerts have been moved to the Settings tab so that all of your customization options are in one easy to find location.

Exceeding Usability Standards

The Dashboard design has been updated to adhere to local, state, federal, and international guidelines for accessibility, meeting US government and international compliance standards (ADA/US 508 and international WCAG 3 compliance). Our responsive design system leverages ISO standards and iconography, providing a consistent, easy-to-use experience across devices and screen sizes.

What’s next?

  • Update the look and feel for all pages within the Settings tab

  • Enterprise-wide creation and enforcement of health screening settings

  • Access to new reports and continued improvements to current reporting capabilities

Accushield is dedicated to continual improvement across all application experiences (kiosk, mobile app, and dashboard), making them more consistent, accessible, and intuitive for all users. Stay tuned for more!


Accushield is a healthcare technology company. Our onsite hardware and software provide visitor/staff management, infection prevention and control, and health/safety compliance via automation and reporting.