Reputation Accelerator Has a New 5-Star Upgrade

Reputation Accelerator Has a New 5-Star Upgrade

We’re proud to share that Reputation Accelerator is getting is 5-star upgrade! We have decided to transition from the Emoji/Likert scale to a more comprehensive 5-star rating system. This update provides you with the insights you need to monitor operations at your facility.

Improvements, Customization – And Much More

Below are the most notable changes that you will see on your Accushield kiosk and dashboard:

  • A 5-star rating category system has replaced the standard Emoji/Likert scale. You can now configure a set of standard categories that include Overall Satisfaction, Safety, Cleanliness, and Friendliness. Alternatively, you can add up to 3 customizable categories and request visitors to rate your facility based on the categories you have selected.
  • All campaigns that direct visitors to Google business page reviews are in compliance with Google Business Pages.
  • Expanded insights you need to monitor operations at your facility
  • New configuration to collect feedback before sending anyone to Google. You can set your campaign to be ratings only

Reputation Accelerator gets a 5 Star Upgrade

Google Gating & Compliance – Why is it important?

Gating refers to strategy in which business owners only encourage happy/satisfied customers to leave reviews for them. Google’s user content policy clearly indicates that negative reviews should not be discouraged – because the practice is unethical and misleading, and most importantly because it can be detected. Here’s how:

  • Google’s algorithm is capable of detecting review gating and can be triggered by a stream of ‘positive only’ feedback
  • Manual flagging allows users to report reviews to Google for further investigation

Rest assured that with the new update, all your campaigns are now fully compliant with Google Business regulations. Here are the current industry best practices that you can review. Additionally, you can read about the importance of Google Reviews, and how they affect your business here.

You asked. We delivered.

Reputation Accelerator was developed to boost visitor engagements and amplify your facility’s online presence. It is a unique tool that has the power to drive in more visitors to help you reach optimal occupancy while simultaneously enhancing your visibility on the web through major search engines. By collecting valuable data and timely insights, you can turn your operations around – always for the better.

Community managers and administrators felt the need to collect more insightful data to evaluate internal operations performance and address any improvements to their operations and ensure a better experience for all. The latest updated to Reputation Accelerator will allow you to do all this, and much more.

Check out Senior Living Foresight’s recent live streamed Tech Tuesday podcast with Accushield on the topic “How Do Your Community’s Google Reviews Look?”

“Are you paying attention to your community’s Google reviews … because your prospects are. We all know that reviews matter! We look at Amazon reviews, Yelp reviews, and yes, Google reviews. But good reviews can be hard to ask for. That’s why Accushield has built a simple Google review prompt into their kiosks. Abbie will be talking with Ben Fairless, Director of Inside Sales at Accushield about their Reputation Accelerator tool. Find out how you can boost your Google reviews and get meaningful feedback from your visitors.”

Senior Living Foresight and Accushield YouTube Podcast

What’s Next For Reputation Accelerator?

  • Control frequency and message content for email and SMS text messages
  • Share your Accushield Ratings on your website
  • Google Business Page review attribution


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