List of Product Features

Process

  • Sign in/out unlimited visitors, staff, third-party caregivers, residents
  • Smart sign-in: kiosk remembers the last resident the individual signing in visited
  • Contactless mobile sign in with QR code
  • Capture temperature during sign in and sign out
  • Multi-language kiosk interface
  • Welcome visitors to the community  with a customized welcome message that can be updated at any time and as many times as necessary
  • Capture consent and policy forms during sign in
  • Capture visitor photos during the sign-in process; access them via dashboard
  • Add questions to sign-in process (ex. collect email, phone number, home address, vehicle information, etc.)
  • Create community watchlist of banned visitors; stop sign-in process when banned visitor attempts to sign in and notify staff via text/email
  • Accessible and easy-to-use interface; compliant with ADA US 508 and WCAG 3 standards

Resident Sign Out

  • Capture resident info at sign out (ex. who are they are leaving with, how long they will be gone, where are they going)
  • Elopement identification: in the event a resident does not return to the community, operators will have insight into when the resident left, how long they were scheduled to be away, who they left with, and more

Temperature Screening

  • Touchless temperature capture (optional) during sign in and/or sign out
  • Commercial/medical grade thermometers (not all thermometers are created equal)
  • USB connection for fast reliable scan
  • Receive text/email alert if a person measures a temperature above the set threshold

Custom Screening Questionnaire

  • Customize any number of screening questions required during sign in and/or sign out (including the ability to ask follow-up questions based on answers)
  • Tailor screening questions to role type (staff member, family/guest, service provider, volunteer, resident)
  • Receive text/email alert if a person fails the screening questionnaire

Mobile App

  • Provide a faster, touchless sign-in experience via Accushield Mobile
  • Agree to consent and policy forms before arrival
  • Answer screening questions prior to entering the building
  • Sign in to the community via mobile app QR code without having to touch the kiosk screen
  • Touchless temperature scan as part of the touchless sign-in process
  • Sign out of community via mobile app QR code without having to touch the kiosk screen

Event Management

  • Custom event sign in to capture what event visitors are attending (ex. holiday dinner, community tour)
  • Group sign in via dashboard prior to the event
  • Notify staff via text or email as event attendees sign in
  • Export and download event attendee list

Group SMS Messaging

  • In an emergency send a mass text message to family members, visitors, third-party caregivers, and/or residents (ex. natural disaster evacuation, onsite emergency)
  • Select all people in the building during a specified timeframe to send a message to (ex. contact tracing)
  • Communicate directly with any or all residents and staff with just a few simple clicks (ex. holiday celebration, all-hands staff meeting)

Dashboard & Reporting

  • Instantly access visitor, staff, caregiver, and resident reports from smartphone, computer, or kiosk
  • Create custom tracing reports based on resident and visitor interaction
  • Insights report provides actionable data for your community; compare this month’s data to that of previous months
  • In-depth care report analyzes third-party caregiver data to help operators understand the care provided by home health, hospice, self-employed private care, etc.
  • Care conference supporting documentation: by enforcing sign in/out at the kiosk and resident selection, customers have a detailed report to provide to the responsible party contact during a care conference
  • Love Meter identifies the least visited residents in the community in order to help prevent isolation and loneliness and prioritize socialization
  • View sign-ins with a real-time activity feed of who is in the building
  • Corporate dashboard provides oversight and control of all communities within their portfolio
  • Data stored in a private HIPAA-compliant cloud (we understand healthcare privacy)
  • Assign different admin rights and access based on role
  • Export data to Excel dating back to the day of installation

Evacuation Management

  • Emergency resident roll-call
  • Print list of all family members/guests, visitors, staff, third-party caregivers, vendors, and residents currently in the community
  • Access evacuation reports from computer, smartphone, tablet, or print from the kiosk badge printer

Volunteer Management

  • Sign in volunteer groups via dashboard
  • Volunteer analytics and reporting
  • Group tracking and reporting
  • Document storage
  • Multi-site capabilities

Badge Printing

  • Add custom logo/branding for name badges
  • Select which type of person to print a name badge for (i.e. staff, family/guest, volunteer, third-party caregiver, resident, etc.)
  • Standard badge tape quantity included in monthly price (based on community size)
  • Group badge printing
  • Pre-print guest badges
  • Printer out of paper prompt on the kiosk

Staffing Agency Tracking

  • Track number of hours contracted with the community as staff agency workers clock to fill a shift
  • Compare staff agency clock in/out logs and contracted hours to audit staffing invoices and budget staffing costs

Reputation Accelerator

  • Capture visitor feedback using a five-star rating scale
  • Ask visitors to rank satisfaction of up to four categories (ex. overall satisfaction, cleanliness, friendliness, safety)
  • Create campaigns based on role type (staff member, family/guest, service provider, volunteer)
  • Automatically request visitors to provide a Google review
  • Based on satisfaction response, request visitors to provide social media feedback, complete an online survey, or notify staff of their response for follow-up

Legal Documents

  • Add custom informed consent or policy forms (specified by role type) that must be accepted to complete the sign-in process
  • Prompt visitors to re-sign documents as they change or expire
  • Store all accepted documents in a HIPAA-compliant cloud database

Document Management

  • Require any number of documents (configurable by role: visitor, staff, caregiver, etc.) as part of the sign-in process in order to gain entry
  • Configure required documents from a preset list of document types or create your own (ex. influenza vaccination, COVID-19 test, drug screens, certificate of insurance, etc.)
  • Operators can quickly approve or reject submitted documents via the dashboard; once approved, individuals will be able to sign in as normal until the document expires
  • Documents can be scanned for collection at the kiosk, via mobile app, or uploaded by an administrator via the dashboard
  • Report and analyze all submitted documents and collected data

Access Automation

  • Integration with an Accushield access control partner automates the locking and unlocking of doors; after successful sign in, the door will automatically open allowing individuals to access your community

Data Security

  • Secure data storage in HIPAA-compliant cloud database
  • Hosted by AWS

World Class Support (real people, real support)

  • Tech support via phone Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5:30 pm Eastern
  • After-hours support via email


  • Three-year full warranty on all hardware
  • Custom tablet designed to be on 24/7 and 365 days a year (iPads and other over-the-counter tablets are not designed to be on all the time and will dramatically shorten the life expectancy)
  • Hardware issues: You call us and we replace within 1-3 days
  • Hardware support via phone Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5:30 pm Eastern; after-hours support via email
  • All kiosks in the building sync together giving individuals the ability to sign in on one kiosk and sign out from another


  • Direct API integration providing real-time updates
    • PointClickCare
    • MatrixCare
    • Salesforce
    • Icon
    • GoHealthID
    • UKG (formerly Kronos)
    • Status Solutions
    • Caremerge
  • SFTP data exchange providing daily updates
    • Yardi
    • American HealthTech
    • Eldermark
    • ADP
    • Paycom
    • Paylocity
    • Ceridian Dayforce
    • Oracle Peoplesoft