The Accushield Kiosk: Integral to Value-Based Care Coordination in Senior Living

The Accushield Kiosk: Integral to Value-Based Care Coordination in Senior Living

Senior living communities are increasingly adopting value-based care initiatives that prioritize resident outcomes and cost efficiency. In this model, care coordination plays a critical role in ensuring residents receive the right care at the right time. The Accushield kiosk is a valuable tool that goes beyond simply managing visitor traffic – it also manages third-party care providers (i.e., Home Care, Home Health, Hospice, Primary Care Physicians, Physical Therapy) and vendors that provide healthcare services to residents in senior living. It contributes significantly to value-based care by streamlining care coordination through the collection of resident third-party care data and by verifying the service scheduled was rendered to the resident. If the healthcare service was not rendered the kiosk can be configured to send an alert to senior living management.

What is Accushield?

Accushield is a visitor and entry management solution specifically designed for senior living communities, skilled nursing facilities, and post-acute care providers. The kiosk-based technology offers several functionalities:

  • Visitor Management: Tracks and manages visitors, including family members, friends, and other guests.
  • Vendor Management: Logs and oversees vendors and service providers who visit the facility.
  • Third-Party Care Management Data Collection: Critically, the Accushield kiosk collects vital data from third-party caregivers who provide services to residents. This data includes but is not limited to:
    • – Type of service performed
    • – Resident receiving the service
    • – Caregiver providing the service
    • – Date of service
    • – Location of service delivery
    • – Start and end times of service

This care data can be pushed to an EHR and Payors and be included in the resident’s care plan.

Importance of Care Coordination Data in a Value-based Care Environment

This care coordination data collected at the Accushield kiosk is instrumental for value-based care initiatives in senior living. Here’s how:

  • Improved Care Quality: By providing a comprehensive view of all care services delivered to a resident, regardless of provider, the kiosk allows senior living communities to monitor and ensure residents receive the care they need according to their individual care plans.
  • Enhanced Communication: The real-time data facilitates communication between internal staff and external caregivers. This ensures everyone involved in a resident’s care is on the same page, reducing the risk of missed or duplicated services.
  • Streamlined Operations: The kiosk simplifies record-keeping and data management for third-party care providers, freeing up valuable time for caregivers to focus on delivering quality care to residents.
  • Cost Optimization: Through better care coordination, facilities can identify potential gaps or redundancies in services, allowing them to optimize costs and resources. Note: If a scheduled service doesn’t happen an alert can be sent to community management.

Beyond Streamlining Entrances

The Accushield kiosk goes beyond just managing entries and exits. Verifying and capturing third-party care data provides senior living facilities with a valuable tool to improve care coordination, a cornerstone of value-based care initiatives. This data empowers senior living communities to deliver high-quality care to residents while optimizing operational efficiency.