Accushield Love Meter™

Identify and Prevent Social Isolation, Depression, and Mental Decline

The Love Meter changes how senior living and skilled nursing providers identify residents at risk for isolation, depression, and mental decline due to limited social visits.

“The Accushield Love Meter is a powerful tool that combats isolation at Celebration Village, Acworth. It promotes social, intellectual, and spiritual growth within our community, part of the Masterpiece Living philosophy. The Love Meter feature prevents isolation and loneliness among residents by having easy access to reports that illustrate who is getting visitors and who is not.”
Keith Magnan
Vice President of Operations, AgeWell Living

Socialization Matters - A Look at the Numbers

Here’s the Problem

Residents in senior living and skilled nursing communities rely on social visits to combat depression, isolation, grieving a loss of independence, and their ability to adjust to a new environment. Communities often overlook the value of tracking social visits and their impact on social isolation.

Here’s the Solution

The Accushield kiosk captures and tracks resident social visitation details. As visitors enter and exit your community, critical data is captured, including the visitor’s contact information, who they visit with, and the visit duration. The Love Meter pinpoints residents at risk of social isolation due to limited social visits.

The Accushield Difference

Identifying residents at risk of social isolation is only half the solution. To ensure we help prevent and reduce depression, isolation, and mental decline, Accushield partners screened volunteers with residents selected by the facility that will benefit from social visits.

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Accushield’s visitor management system was designed for Senior Living and Nursing Homes by operators with decades of industry experience.

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