Skilled Nursing News – Voices with TK King

Skilled Nursing News – Voices with TK King

By Jack Silverstein, Skilled Nursing News

This article is sponsored by Accushield. In this Voices interview, Skilled Nursing News sits down with Accushield VP of Healthcare Strategy TK King to learn what SNFs can do to get the most out of their data. King also offers insight into the top three areas where data can help SNFs, and explains why so many operators say, “I’ve got all this data, I don’t know what to do with it.”

Skilled Nursing News: What career experiences do you most draw from in your role today?

TK King: Throughout my career I’ve had opportunities to work alongside some of the most passionate people in the industry. Whether it’s clinicians who give everything they have to their residents and patients, or watching operators and interdisciplinary teams go above and beyond to ensure needs are met and teams are thriving, that passion to do what’s right for others is what drives me to help create solutions that better the facility and resident experience for our customers.

Data collection can play a role in a SNF’s business and care delivery in many ways. What are the biggest challenges that SNFs face that can be best addressed through data?

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