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Belmont Village

Belmont Village’s Secret to Safer Communities

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St. Mary’s Hospital

Optimizing Shift Fulfillment at St. Mary’s General Hospital

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NHC – West Meade Place

A Serendipitous Find Nets West Meade Place Data to Identify Quality Opportunities and Improved Customer Satisfaction

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Podcasts & Videos

Aging Allies Podcast | Episode 1: Justin Stein, Bickford

Aging Allies Podcast | Episode 2: Mike Lavallee, Seasons

Aging Allies Podcast | Episode 3: Bob Kallonen, Amica

Aging Allies Podcast | Episode 4: Katrina Mulholland, Amica

Aging Allies Podcast | Episode 5: Christy Parsons, Schlegel Villages

Aging Allies Podcast | Episode 6: Ed Russell, WCS Care

Aging Allies Podcast | Episode 7: Jack Macko, Accushield

Aging Allies Podcast | Episode 8: Scott Asher, Accushield

Aging Allies Podcast | Episode 9: Allen Barnes & Charles Mann, Accushield

Aging Allies Podcast | Episode 10: Deionte Davis, Accushield

Podcast | Tech Tuesday - Beyond the Kiosk with Charles Mann

Podcast | Foresight Radio: How To Adapt to the Gig Economy

Webinar | Empowering Staff Engagement and Flexibility at ISL

Webinar | Secrets of Hiring & the Gig Economy’s Influence on Senior Living

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Podcast | How To Make Sure Your Tech Solution Continues To Solve Problems

Podcast | Kisco Senior Living Keeps Residents Safe with Accushield

Podcast | Tech Tuesday - Beyond the Kiosk with Charles Mann

Webinar | Using Tech to Attract More Residents Webinar

Webinar | Harnessing the Power of Data

Podcast | Bridge the Gap with Charles Mann & Kristin Kutac Ward

Press Releases & Articles

  • Accushield® and BookJane join forces to create Flex, the first kiosk-based workforce scheduling solution for senior living, skilled nursing, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations. Two Disruptive Platforms Connect to Solve Healthcare Staffing Challenges. Atlanta, Ga (Feb. 1, 2023) — As the workforce crisis continues in healthcare and upwards of 40% of frontline workers prefer to […]

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  • By Jack Silverstein, Skilled Nursing News This article is sponsored by Accushield. In this Voices interview, Skilled Nursing News sits down with Accushield VP of Healthcare Strategy TK King to learn what SNFs can do to get the most out of their data. King also offers insight into the top three areas where data can […]

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  • By Paige Cerulli, I Advance Senior Care Entry management is an essential and daily element of senior care facility operations. While entry management began with paper-based systems out of necessity, digital entry management is transforming the process. Senior care organizations that transition to a digital entry management system also enjoy many benefits that impact not […]

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  • By Jack Silverstein, Skilled Nursing News The future of heath care and skilled nursing rests in the hands of caregivers — caregivers powered by the best data insights the industry has ever had. From the patient experience and workplace culture to operational efficiency and regulatory compliance, when used the right way, data plays a critical […]

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