Managing Communication Preferences has Never Been Easier with Connect Email Capture

Managing Communication Preferences has Never Been Easier with Connect Email Capture

Whether you need to fill a shift, reach out to family members about a resident’s health status, remind residents about upcoming events, or even send thank-you messages to recent visitors, managing your communication preferences has never been easier with Connect. This platform supports all types of communication, and you should start collecting email addresses NOW to take advantage of existing and upcoming features.

Stay Connected with Email Capture

Leveraging our improved email capture feature, a Community Administrator can now more easily collect email addresses from family/friends, volunteers, staff and service providers. This will allow you to stay connected with your visitors, and share information efficiently through this easy-to-use platform.Kiosk_EmailCapture

Our recent modifications to email collection include:

  • Email collection for ALL visitor types at the kiosk, including Staff, to improve quality of your data.
  • Frequency control: A frequency can be set to ask visitors either daily, once/month or once every three (3) months for a valid email address. Once an email address is captured and verified, the visitors will not be asked again.
  • Email verification: Once the system has collected a new email address, an email will be sent to that email address to confirm validity.
  • Kiosk and touchless mobile entry: Visitors who do not have an email address on file will now be prompted on both the kiosk and Accushield Mobile application. Users can select “I do not have an email address” and skip the process.

Just a Few Simple Steps!

You have the power to improve communication and collect email addresses at your facility in just a few simple steps. Navigate to the Settings tab in the Accushield Dashboard and turn on ‘Email Capture’. Select the Visitor Types to collect and you can set the Frequency if you are concerned with data collection slowing down the sign-in process. If you need assistance with the settings please reach out to us at

What’s next?

The CONNECT product line will continue to advance throughout 2023. Key upcoming features include:

  • Supporting both email and text messaging
  • Advanced filtering
  • View all emails and texts sent to individuals via the individuals’ profile.

Our integration partnerships have expanded with Point Click Care and MatrixCare to include more resident and patient information, so we will have additional ways to communicate with residents, patients and loved ones very soon!