Introducing Accushield Case Management

Introducing Accushield Case Management

This month is an exciting one for us, and we are proud to announce the latest updates to our Control product line. Whether it’s to eliminate duplicate programs, reduce time spent entering data, or elevate quality care through infection control, the Control suite is designed to provide comprehensive infection prevention and control (IPC) technology to prevent avoidable infection within your facility.

Introducing Accushield Case Management

Case Management provides transparency into patient care outcomes by simplifying the process of tracking infection cases by allowing nurses to monitor the status and update the details of open, in progress, or closed cases. The feature also offers a centralized location to track cases and provides valuable insights to nurses caring for residents. Alerts for case status changes as well as compliance insights are also available to assist in real-time information transfer and help you provide quality care at your facility!

Key Highlights:

  • Open and track cases with ease
  • Check the status and update details of open, in progress, or closed cases in one centralized location
  • Obtain new, detailed insights for nurses caring for residents
  • Satisfy an ombudsman or surveyor’s audit with simple reporting
  • Alert staff members about case status updates

What’s Coming Next?

Here is what’s coming next for Case Management…

  • Return to work management
  • Document collection improvements and notifications

Accushield is dedicated to continual improvement across all application experiences (kiosk, mobile app, and dashboard), making them more consistent, accessible, and intuitive for all users.


Accushield is a healthcare technology company. Our onsite hardware and software provide visitor/staff management, infection prevention and control, and health/safety compliance via automation and reporting.