Belmont Village

Belmont Village’s Secret to Safer Communities

Carlene Motto

Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer - Belmont Village Senior Living

In senior living, adopting new technology often faces challenges such as lengthy installation periods, complex integration processes, and staff members’ resistance to change. The senior living industry has historically lagged behind other healthcare sectors in embracing technological advancements that could enhance the overall well-being of its residents.

However, every so often, a technology emerges that is simple, straightforward, and easy to learn and install. Such is the case with Accushield’s Visitor / Entry Management solution, a revolutionary solution automating the visitor sign-in process at Belmont Village Senior Living communities. Carlene Motto, the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Belmont Village Senior Living, discovered Accushield during her quest to upgrade their outdated visitor and vendor sign-in system.

The Power of First Impressions

Motto recalls her first encounter with Accushield in Atlanta, and simultaneously, one of the executive directors, already familiar with the product, suggested considering it to enhance technology at the front desk while prioritizing resident safety and security. Motto emphasizes the positive impact on visitors’ first impressions, as Accushield is conveniently located at the front desk, replacing the antiquated three-ring binder sign-in system that had been in place for many years.

“It’s a marked improvement,” Motto asserts, highlighting the sophistication of the Accushield solution and the increased control it provides communities over building access.

Swift Adoption by Staff and Residents

A significant advantage of Accushield is its effortless acceptance by staff and residents. The added layer of security it introduces quickly became an easy sell, with staff feeling empowered to enforce badge requirements for building access. Motto notes, “Staff members now feel empowered to ask anyone who doesn’t have a badge on to return to the front desk.” Notably, there was no resistance from residents or their families during the transition.

Seamless Implementation and Expansion

Belmont Village’s experience with Accushield was so positive that the implementation at the four pilot sites proceeded smoothly. Within three weeks, Belmont Village strategically expanded Accushield company-wide, covering all 26 communities. This initiative’s success reflects the technology’s efficacy and underscores Belmont Village’s commitment to staying at the forefront of senior living security and technology integration.

“Staff members now feel empowered to ask anyone who doesn’t have a badge on to return to the front desk.”

Carlene Motto