3 New Upgrades to Reputation Accelerator

3 New Upgrades to Reputation Accelerator

We are thrilled to share the latest improvements to our visitor rating system, Reputation Accelerator.

Reputation Accelerator empowers you to gain trust, confidence, and personalized feedback by collecting ratings from your visitors and staff. With this release, you have access to new insights and comprehensive reporting to optimize operations at your facility, and our new campaign reuse feature makes creating campaigns easier than ever. Keep reading to learn more about each of these enhancements.

Visually Track Community Ratings

Premium users now have the ability to visually track community ratings over a 6-month period to monitor and view changes over time. This is calculated by combining the all-time average campaign data to date. To view your community rating for each month, simply click or hover over each point of the line graph.

Seamlessly Configure Staff Alerts

Campaign alerts have an improved process for searching and selecting employees to receive notifications. You can add employees through the search bar or simply scroll through the results using the arrows as shown. It’s that easy!

Seamlessly search and select employees to receive campaign alerts

The Alerts Summary page also provides a visual summary to easily identify who alerts are being sent to and how they are delivered. You also have the ability modify the delivery method from the Alerts Summary page.

Duplicate Campaigns and Reuse Existing Settings

Creating a new campaign has never been easier with a new campaign reuse feature.

Now, you can save custom configurations messaging from previously built campaigns and reuse existing settings. Not only does this simplify the campaign creation process, it also provides more insight on trends across similar campaigns to see how your past campaigns are performing against your newer ones.

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What’s Coming Next?

  • View your most recent Google reviews from your active campaigns
  • Find your Google campaign’s relevance with Google Review attribution

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