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Delight your guests with an intelligent sign-in experience that strengthens community security and streamlines the visitor management process.

Since 2013, Accushield has been at the forefront of innovation in visitor and entry management.

We take great pride in serving more than 7,000 senior living communities, nursing homes, hospitals, and healthcare facilities in all 50 states and Canada.

Your Guest Experience is About to Get a Whole Lot Cleaner

A seamless sign-in process for all adult children, prospects, and guests helps drive a good impression.

  • First Class: Give your concierge the tools needed to greet all visitors by their name along with information regarding resident whereabouts.
  • Speed: Impress your visitors with a modern visitor management sign-in and identification process that is cleaner and light-years faster than pen and paper.
  • Security: Show your visitors how important resident security is to your brand. FACT: Safety and security remain the #1 reason residents move into long-term care communities.
  • Brand Confidence: Provide an intentional and proactive way for visitors to leave feedback.
  • Infection Control: Convey the importance of proper infection prevention and control.

The Accushield Difference - #ProjectLoveMeter

Accushield is uniquely positioned to help prevent senior residents from becoming isolated, lonely, and depressed. Because of this, we are pursuing a radical initiative called #ProjectLoveMeter.

The goal of #ProjectLoveMeter is to tackle the challenges of social isolation, severe loneliness, and the risk of mental decline among residents of senior living and skilled nursing facilities, which often stem from a lack of social interaction and engagement with visitors.

By utilizing the social visit data gathered through our visitor management kiosks and other engagement platforms, Accushield can identify residents who are at risk due to minimal visitor engagement. This visitation data allows providers to use Accushield’s Volunteer Network, which comprises 1.6 million people, to arrange for 30-minute social visits for these residents. An essential aspect of this approach is how Accushield thoughtfully matches volunteers with residents based on shared interests and likes, ensuring a meaningful connection. Consequently, this strategy not only aids in the early detection of residents in need but also enhances access to essential volunteer support, thereby proactively improving the quality of care and enriching the lives of residents.

Visitor Management + Staffing Agency Tracking

Actively monitor shifts and the hours filled by Staffing Agencies. This Accushield feature enables operators the ability to keep tabs on Staff Agency utilization/trends and provides a way to verify billed hours.

  • Avoid late Staffing Agency billing
  • Be alerted via text message when an Agency Provider clocks in at the Accushield kiosk
  • Receive automated reports based on Agency spend and trends across your portfolio
  • Verify Staff Agency time and attendance and approve billed hours

Visitor, Resident, and Staff, Evacuation Management

Knowing who is in your Community during an Evacuation is critical. The Accushield kiosk gives management a quick and easy way to account for all on-site residents, staff, and visitors.

“The difference between [hurricanes] Irene and Sandy was major. Instead of dealing with all the paperwork, we now have the Accushield reports (Accushield Evacuation Management) that we can look at to identify, more efficiently, more accurately, more quickly, and in a very tumultuous time, who’s in our communities or where they have evacuated to. We can look at those reports and talk with families. “Your mother has exited this building, and she has been identified in this building.” So it was a much easier process.”

– Dr. Carol McKinley – President and CEO – Simpson Senior Services


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*as of April 12, 2024

Visitor & Third-Party Caregiver Reporting

The Accushield dashboard is the central hub for reporting on visitors, third-party caregivers, agency and resident activity. This comprehensive dashboard includes powerful reporting features that enable operators an easy and intelligent way to monitor visitor activity. Additionally, the third-party caregiver dashboard empowers operators to manage third-party care (i.e., Private Duty Aides, Homes Care, Home Health, Hospice, etc.) and marry these services with the residents to whom they render service.

  • Visitor, staff, and resident sign-in reports
  • Document management and verification
  • Agency staffing hourly/daily log reports
  • Resident care reports & analytics
  • Contact tracing & interaction reports
  • Secure data collection with HIPAA-compliant cloud technology

Time Clock, Callout & Workforce Scheduling

Finally, a fully integrated time clock and scheduling solution that will make filling shifts the easiest part of your job.

Your caregivers want more flexibility, and this trend is expected to continue growing. Rather than investing in complex and poorly adopted shift management solutions, prioritize winning back your employees by opting for a simple and easy-to-use workforce solution.

  • Instantly connect with available staff in real-time
  • A timeclock designed to manage both staff and staffing agencies
  • Prioritize staff with criteria-based callout
  • Send and receive automatic push notifications
  • Prioritize shifts with configurable lead times
  • Retain full visibility over callout activity

Our kick-butt, mobile-first platform makes scheduling simple and kinda fun…

Visitor, Staff, & Third-party Caregiver Sign In

Gain peace of mind by monitoring all those who enter and exit your senior living community, skilled nursing facility, hospital, or other healthcare facilities through our visitor, staff, and third-party caregiver sign in and health screening solution.  During the sign in process, users will be prompted to enter information relevant to their visit. The Accushield kiosk has evolved from a nice-to-have sign-in tool to the virtual center point of daily healthcare operations.

(Optional) Health Screening

Ensuring the health of all residents, visitors, and staff is paramount given the COVID-19 pandemic and other health risks that senior living communities, nursing homes, and hospitals face. Accushield’s tablet-based kiosk replaces the manual paper logbooks and manual screeners with a streamlined sign-in, temperature scanning, and vaccine verification process for all visitors, staff, third-party caregivers, and residents who enter and exit the building.

Name Badge Printing

As an additional safety measure, our tablet-based kiosk system can print a custom name badge to identify the type of visitor that is entering the healthcare community. Name badges verify that all visitors, staff. and third-party caregivers have been screened and approved for entry. Accushield helps enhance building security by providing a visible name badge to confirm sign-in and health screening compliance.

Alerts and Notifications

Time matters when managing community safety. The Accushield system generates immediate notifications and alerts via your mobile phone or email based on the criteria you set for specific individuals, health screening results, and other areas of concern.

Reporting and Analytics

Information is power, enabling better, more effective decision-making for your healthcare facility. Accushield provides simple reporting capabilities for the wide range of data collected by the system. Whether your focus is care coordination, health screening, contact tracing, or another important goal, the Accushield system allows you to rapidly pull together the data you need in a user-friendly format.

Third-party caregiver and vendor reporting

Quick family & guest sign-in using mobile app

Reputation Accelerator (increase Google reviews)

Since 2013, thousands of senior living communities, skilled nursing facilities, and other healthcare environments have trusted Accushield for their entry management solution.

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Accushield’s entry management system was designed for Senior Living and Nursing Homes by operators with decades of industry experience.

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