Manage, Compare & Select Staffing Agencies from a Centralized Dashboard

The Accushield Care Marketplace is free for communities and establishes a digital platform where agencies and external labor marketplaces can offer their services based on price, quality ratings, and availability.

The Accushield Care Marketplace gives operators the ability to do the following:

  • Consolidate all your staffing agency shift requests onto a single dashboard for easier management
  • Digitally capture agency clock in and out times using the Accushield kiosk
  • Select the best caregiver based on star rating, availability, and cost
  • Create corporate-level reports and analytics based on Agency Staff utilization.
  • Verify agency provider credentials via our document management platform

We understand the importance of providing quality care for your residents, and our platform will help you achieve this goal. We can ensure you can access the best caregivers at the most reasonable prices by providing you with a competitive marketplace.

“When I need to purchase a product I go to Amazon to compare price, quality ratings/reviews, and estimated delivery time. The Care Marketplace gives me the same benefits when I need to fill a last-minute shift with agency.” – Senior Living, Executive Director

How It Works

Invite agencies

Invite preferred Agencies to your communities Care Marketplace

Send open shifts

Send last-minute open shifts to individual agency staff based on price, quality rating, and availability

Clock In & out

Clock in and out agency staff using the Accushield kiosk (optional)

Accushield Care Marketplace

Accushield’s Care Marketplace is transforming the way senior living and skilled nursing operators manage and engage both internal and external care teams by providing a comprehensive record of truth. Operators can gain a holistic view of their permanent staff, float pools, and external agencies through a centralized dashboard. Furthermore, the Accushield Care Marketplace establishes a digital platform where agencies and external labor marketplaces can offer their services based on price, quality ratings, and availability.

Send last-minute open shifts to preferred, highly-rated agencies and labor marketplaces

Easily fill any open shift with the most cost-effective and top-rated agency caregiver

Ensure Quality Care

To ensure your residents receive the best care, it is important to rate the quality of agency staff members based on their performance, maintain transparency regarding staff training and uploaded documents, and have visibility on pricing.

Request Specific Staff Members

Optimize your time and energy by selecting reliable agency workers who are familiar with your community, residents, staff, and processes. Evaluate their performance reviews to ensure that it aligns with your organization’s standards.

Choose Your Preferred Agency

We prioritize quality control to collaborate exclusively with dependable agencies. You have the flexibility to choose a preferred or highly-rated agency to fill your last-minute, unfilled shifts.

Hassle-Free Agency Management

Manage your payroll, have visibility of clock-in/out for agency staff or message them when needed – all in one place.

Ready to solve your shift fulfillment and focus on better care?

Stay fully staffed and focused on high-quality care by simplifying and streamlining the scheduling process through an intuitive, all-in-one platform.