November 2023 Release Notes

November 2023 Release Notes

Do you need to let a resident know they have a package? How do you let staff know that a surveyor has arrived? How do you communicate with volunteers?

This November, we are excited to help you redefine communication at your community with these latest enhancements to Connect, your community messaging platform. You are now equipped with the ability to send text AND email communication to all staff, vendors, visitors, and residents right from your Accushield Dashboard.

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Man holding a phone using Accushield's community communication technology: New and Improved Connect - Community Communication Reimagined

Email and Text Messaging – Now Available!

Connect messaging is your key to facilitate timely text and email communication with all staff, vendors, visitors, and residents for your community. Starting today, you can quickly and easily share important community information right from your Accushield Dashboard using “Connect.” The messaging feature can be used to send meeting reminders to staff, parking or event information to visitors, and so much more! This update also comes with enhanced reporting in the dashboard to help you track historical communications and leverage reusable messaging templates any time.

Key Highlights:

  • Email and text capabilities
  • Enhanced overview page that includes historical email AND text reporting
  • Additional insights on staff data quality, including missing email addresses and phone numbers. Simply, click on the ‘missing data’ widgets and see staff members that require profile edits.

To take advantage of sending emails to visitors, staff and residents, you may need to activate ‘email capture’.

Please see our email capture blog post here to learn more.

What’s Next?

Accushield will continue to advance communication capabilities with all visitors, staff and residents.

Our plans include:

  • Email collection and email address maintenance via profiles
  • Filter and create groups of visitor, staff and residents
  • Identify and communicate with family members and guardians

Any feedback on these upcoming concepts? Email us today at

Accushield is dedicated to continual improvement across all application experiences (kiosk, mobile app, and dashboard), making them more consistent, accessible, and intuitive for all users.


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